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The product is good. It is delivered to door step. No need to go anywhere . It is the best thing
Petals Store

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Nillory is Soft, Comfortable. It is natural and helps to maintain dryness.
Aruna Tatke

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Comfura helps me to stay dry. I can live whole day without worrying about sweat stain on my shirt.
Mr. Vaibhav

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आता अळी- मिळी गुपचिळी नाही !

विटाळ’ ‘ती बाहेर बसली’ आहे हे शब्द आहेत अगदी २० वर्षांपूर्वी घराघरांमध्ये बायकांच्या कुजबुजण्यात ऐकू येणारे शब्द. कुजबुजले अशा करता…
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From being Taboo to not being Taboo…
“That time of the month”, Chums, Aunt flo these and many more such so called code words are commonly used…
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RamaLifeScience: A Unique approach towards your personal hygiene
Founded in September 2014, Rama life science Pvt. Ltd. Delivers distinctive and proficient healthcare and hygiene solutions. Located in Pune,…
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