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RamaLifeScience: A Unique approach towards your personal hygiene

Founded in September 2014, Rama life science Pvt. Ltd. Delivers distinctive and proficient healthcare and hygiene solutions. Located in Pune, we came into existence in order make people understand and develop the prominence of leading a healthy and hygienic life. By providing well adequate services along with a vision to become the biggest solution provider in India, we aim to serve people with more superior solutions in the coming years.

Our Objective

Our main objective is to convey superior solutions and help people with the hygiene issues

Earlier, people barely used to care about their personal health. Also, there were not many resources and solutions available then. Today awareness is not an issue; people are exposed towards different solutions of personal hygiene but the exposure is very less. Hence, Rama life science came up with a goal to convey superior solutions and help people with the hygiene issues

Our Vision

Our vision is to become every individual’s hygiene partner

We motivate you to live a healthier life

We offer effective healthcare solutions keeping in mind the worth of person well being

Rama life science aims towards boosting the awareness plus implementation of personal hygiene products. Our team has extremely fresh ideas, are self-motivated, and dynamic professionals with a zeal and passion for excelling in the industry by providing beneficial products at the realistic prices. Innovation being a vital part of our operations, we desire to work with and for the society by providing the novel and ecological friendly hygienic outcomes.

Get best hygienic products from us

Revolutionary & user-friendly products at reasonable price

Rama life science provides revolutionary products which seem to be the game changer in the overall healthcare industry. The products comprise Pill organizers, Nillory panty liners, and Comfura sweat pads. Adequate care has been taken to provide user- friendly products at reasonable price. The team consistently attempts to offer the supreme and remarkably safe, and secure products that are both user and environment -friendly.

  • Pill organizer
    Some or the other time people forget to take their medicines on time, this ultimately affects the health. Hence, they feel like having a reminder set or an alarm that can help them recall the accurate time for pills intake. We turned up with multifunctional manual and electronic pill organizers that are meant to be used on weekly basis. These pill organizers are food grade and very easily accessible.
  • Nillory Panty Liners
    Another pioneering product is Nillory Panty liners. In India, around 8 out of 10 of women go through intimate area infections. Improper personal care and ignorance towards the personal hygiene are the major reason women suffer from infections. Awareness regarding intimate area hygiene is really substantial to stay healthy both internally and externally. Researchers have revealed that approximately 80% of women have never heard of panty liners and the reason they are being used.To create this awareness we came up with the idea of launching Nillory panty liners. Nillory helps you with the daily vaginal release, reduces the irritation and anxiety in the intimate area. They are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly meant to be used on a day-to-day basis. Usage of these liners prevents your private part from infections and keeps it clean, dry and healthy.
  • Comfura Sweat Pads
    Being a tropical nation, almost everybody in India is dealing with sweat issues. People in India sweat around 9 months a year. Underarm sweat is the major problem every individual is facing. Comfura sweat pads efficiently absorb the sweat and are very user-friendly. They are easily disposable, convenient and unisex product. Comfura sweat pads are induced with Aloe Vera fragrance that helps you give the fresh feel and keeps you active all they long.

Rama Life Science is your hygiene partner!

To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise; we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”.

                                                                                                                                                 -GAUTAMA BUDDHA

Innovation being a vital part of our operations, we desire to work with and for the society by providing the novel and ecological friendly hygienic outcomes.

Experts in our company are committed to providing excellent quality and value for hygiene and healthcare solutions. We ensure to bring the optimum service to the existing as well as forthcoming consumers!


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