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Care for Yourselves!

I’ve got the children to tend
The clothes to mend
The floor to mop
The food to shop
Then the chicken to fry
The baby to dry
And this list is never ending. These lines by Maya Angelou often provoke a thought that when women will actually think about themselves? They are always on the go and think about others. What “others” need,what “others” think? What will they say? This “other” factor is constantly revolving around women. Very rarely women thinks about,what “She” wants. Have you ever given a thought to this? May be you need some “Me time”, may be a day off, may be a phone call to a friend, may be… just sit at one place for a while and do nothing.
Don’t you think ladies it’s time you give a thought to yourselves. Get out from that constant banter of do this, do that, how can you wear this, how can you go there and what not. This is a never ending thing. On the occasion of this International Women’s Day decide to take some time out for yourself. Pamper yourself. Learn to love and care for yourself
Life is too short to postpone things. Instead do it now. Believe in doing thing that makes you happy. Don’t let other people judge you. So Let us take a look at few things which you can do as a daily routine and see the difference in you.

• Find some “Me time”: Yes ladies….you need to give this a thought. In todays fast pace life it is very important to give time to yourself.
• Keep away your mobile: In this tech savvy and internet friendly world we are often glued to our mobile screen and forget to enjoy small joys of life. So take a time offline.
• Make intimate hygiene a priority: While we often preach about hygiene to our kids we tend to ignore the fact that while maintaining hygiene, intimate hygiene is also one of the most important factor. Start a daily routine of keeping your intimate area clean and say goodbye to all the infections of vaginal area. For this you can always try our unique product Nillory Panty Liners.

• Exercise: Do not postpone your exercise routine. 20 minutes of workout will start your day in a positive way and make you feel fresh all day long.
• Challenge yourself: It is not necessary that it must be some big challenge. But always make sure you challenge yourself and this will help you to do more better every day.
So all you beautiful souls gear up and have a wonderful life ahead. May this International women’s day be the beginning of the new you!
Happy women’s day!

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