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Category: sweat pads

Celebrate Spring !

Hello….. Beautiful ladies. Hope you had a great women’s day last month. Now with all the gift and surprises, resolutions and promises to yourself let us get ready for Spring. The season of happiness….the season of hope….the season of new beginnings. The Spring has begun and so is the season of love, hope and happiness....

Valentine’s Day Jara Hatke……..

14th Feb….Valentine’s Day…A day of Love, a perfect chance to celebrate love and happiness with your loved once.  Though in India Valentine’s day was strongly opposed by many political groups now the picture has changed. This day of love has become a worldwide celebration time for all the lovers out there. But these lovers now don’t...

RamaLifeScience: A Unique approach towards your personal hygiene

Founded in September 2014, Rama life science Pvt. Ltd. Delivers distinctive and proficient healthcare and hygiene solutions. Located in Pune, we came into existence in order make people understand and develop the prominence of leading a healthy and hygienic life. By providing well adequate services along with a vision to become the biggest solution provider...

Why should you care about your underarm hygiene?

Sweating is natural! Sweating is a natural phenomenon. Sweating in underarms is extremely normal but we cannot deny the fact that underarm hygiene persists amongst the most UNNOTICED problem. We sweat throughout a day, minimally or heavily, depending on person to person. Having a good personal hygiene is really beneficial and useful for an individual’s...

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