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Category: Panty Liners

Valentine’s Day Jara Hatke……..

14th Feb….Valentine’s Day…A day of Love, a perfect chance to celebrate love and happiness with your loved once.  Though in India Valentine’s day was strongly opposed by many political groups now the picture has changed. This day of love has become a worldwide celebration time for all the lovers out there. But these lovers now don’t...

आता अळी- मिळी गुपचिळी नाही !

विटाळ’ ‘ती बाहेर बसली’ आहे हे शब्द आहेत अगदी २० वर्षांपूर्वी घराघरांमध्ये बायकांच्या कुजबुजण्यात ऐकू येणारे शब्द. कुजबुजले अशा करता जायचे कारण घरच्या पुरुषांनी जर ते ऐकले तर त्या बाईला मेल्यासारखं व्हायचं. खरं तर ‘पाळी येणं’ किंवा ‘पिरियड्स येणं’ हे फारच नैसर्गिक आहे पण त्याच्याभोवती परंपरांचा इतका विळखा इतका जबरदस्त होता की हे काहीतरी अमंगळ...

From being Taboo to not being Taboo…

“That time of the month”, Chums, Aunt flo these and many more such so called code words are commonly used to refer to the menstrual cycle. Why? Why cannot we just use menstrual cycle, periods as commonly as we use these code words? Because menstruation has always been a taboo subject. In Indian homes the...

Nillory Panty liners: Why it is important to keep your intimate area sanitized?

Our mental and physical health are somehow been influenced by eventful, tiring hectic schedule, where we get no time to relax, pay attention to our well-being, majorly our personal hygiene. With women, dryness in private area is the greatest concern after the menstrual cycle ends. Moreover, female’s genitals have the highest chance of being infected...

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