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Celebrate Spring !

Hello….. Beautiful ladies. Hope you had a great women’s day last month. Now with all the gift and surprises, resolutions and promises to yourself let us get ready for Spring. The season of happiness….the season of hope….the season of new beginnings. The Spring has begun and so is the season of love, hope and happiness. Spring always reminds the blooming of flowers, the vibrant colors, the refreshing feeling. The sun feeling warm and nice on our skin.

Robin Williams very rightly said “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s Party! So,let’s get ready to party with nature. Get ready for the new beginning. Having said about the new beginnings does not mean it has to be something big, something different. We often ignore the things which can be done easily and tend to miss the small joy of life. So, let’s go slow and steady and win this race.

Spring being the start of warm whether we should keep our body nice and clean. Follow few simple tips so you enjoy the warmth of spring while shining bright in the light….

  • First and foremost drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Buttermilk, coconut water, lime water are also excellent options for keeping you hydrated.
  • Keep moving…avoid sitting for long hours. Exercise is the key. Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, brisk walk anything that keeps you moving works well. And don’t you worry about the sweating during workouts.
  • We often face problem of stained clothes due to sweating in warm weather. So to keep your underarm area clean and dry, do try our unique product Comfura Sweat Pads. Perfect for managing sweat.



  • Other then menstrual cycle women have to go through vaginal discharge and this causes sticky and irritating feeling in the intimate area. To avoid this, Nillory Panty Liners can be a perfect solution for intimate hygiene.
  • Get your life organized. Think what you really want. A simple thing like clearing your closet can give you immense joy of accomplishment. Keeping your things well organized will help make your life easier.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Say no to packaged food. When you make it a habit of eating right everything falls in place.

So,with full spirit let us welcome the season of happiness. Keep Smiling!

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