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why should you care about your underarm hygiene

Why should you care about your underarm hygiene?

Sweating is natural!

Sweating is a natural phenomenon. Sweating in underarms is extremely normal but we cannot deny the fact that underarm hygiene persists amongst the most UNNOTICED problem. We sweat throughout a day, minimally or heavily, depending on person to person.

Having a good personal hygiene is really beneficial and useful for an individual’s health, social life, and professional relations. Maintaining personal hygiene avoids many health issues, particularly relating to the skin. It’s important to stay healthy because it affects you and the people around you!

Cleaning your armpits on a regular basis does not keep it entirely healthy or eradicates the odor. Proper care and maintenance are much needed today. According to recent research studies, nearly 7 out of 10 individuals experience the ill effects of armpit sweating for the duration of the day. In case you’re a student, working individual or a homemaker, this issue is confronted by everybody.

Problems you face due to excessive sweat!

Many times, when you’re in the office or in get-togethers or when you travel for long hours; you may intensely sweat. This may bring terrible smell to your body and ruin your garments with stains. You may even not know, but you may also feel unaccepted or avoided when you are in a group. The reason behind this is bad smell and shaggy appearance. Generally, people around you hesitate to reveal these kinds of issues; this ultimately disturbs your confidence level and affects your behavior in public.

With many people, tension and nervousness lead to sweat issues. Mostly, at the office where pressure levels are high sweating is expected. This eventually leaves you with horrible sweat stains on your clothes, making you even more worried. Therefore, using sweat pads at your work absorbs your sweat and makes you feel fresh and dynamic throughout the day.

Why should you use Comfura sweat pads?

Sweat pads are applied to your underarm to absorb the excessive sweat and protect your clothes from sweat stains. It doesn’t harm your skin or blocks your sweat glands, thus, allows your body to act naturally. Comfura sweat pads are super comfortable, super dry, and easily sticks to your clothes. They effectively protect your clothes from sweat stains, ultimately reducing the laundry cost.


Advantages of using Comfura sweat pads by Rama Life Science:

  • Unisex product
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Easily Disposable
  • Very easy to wear
  • 8 hours of freshness

Comfura sweat pads lock the sweat in the form of the gel. You can use them during all seasons, on a day to day basis. They are integrated with Aloe Vera fragrance which makes you feel refreshed and active all day long. Comfura sweat pads are made for everyone, mostly for people who usually go out.

Deodorants are good but Comfura is good and healthy!

Antiperspirants and deodorants are the chief remedies most of the people find for their sweating problem and for underarm hygiene. Deodorants and antiperspirants actually block your sweat glands. However, few researchers have discovered antiperspirants affect the bacterial balance in your armpits, resulting to even more stinking sweat. Deodorants have chemicals which eventually harm your skin. Continuous use of deodorants causes burns, irritation, and rashes to your skin, ultimately, surging your medical expenses. Comfura pads are pro-health; they are produced keeping in mind the delicate skin in the underarm area. So, instead of using your favorite deodorants on your bare skin, use it with comfura pads. This will eventually give the long lasting effect and fragrance without harming your skin.

India is the tropical country; individuals here sweat around 9 months in a year. So accordingly, sweat pads are made keeping in mind the deep and thoughtful understanding of human body. If unnecessary sweat is actually impeding your work or causing trouble, comfura sweat pads seem to be need of the hour. Comfura sweat pads are the prime solution for underarm sweating; they are super comfortable and convenient, its ALOE VERA fragrance will give you desired feel all day.

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