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From being Taboo to not being Taboo…

“That time of the month”, Chums, Aunt flo these and many more such so called code words are commonly used to refer to the menstrual cycle. Why? Why cannot we just use menstrual cycle, periods as commonly as we use these code words? Because menstruation has always been a taboo subject. In Indian homes the topic of menstruation was never mentioned, far about discussing it. And so menstrual hygiene never got enough attention. Women being considered as impure during their menstrual cycle, purifying them after their cycle, prohibiting their entries in the places of worship these and many such so called rules were forced upon women.

You may or may not have faced such regulations but in the times of our great grandmother, grandmother or even our mother they had to go through lot of humiliation. Menstruation was never treated as a natural phenomenon. Despite being the core of women’s life without which a woman is incomplete menstruation was considered impure. So the fact that it was considered impure discussing about the menstrual hygiene was far impossible which in turn created number of health issues for women. Since it was a taboo topic thinking about it was always very hurtful and it was ignored without paying attention to its consequences.

If given a thought, sanitary pad is not a rocket science. There have been so many inventions until now. Right from the steam engine to atom bombs and what not. But have we ever thought why sanitary pads took so long to come into existence, why it took 20th century to adhere to the most important issue women faced?  Since menstrual hygiene has always been ignored women have always been silent about those 4 days flows and the other secretion apart from menstruation.

Today the times are changing and in these changing times the notion towards menstrual hygiene is changing. The time when even mentioning the word ‘Period’ was a taboo now has changed into discussing openly about periods. Husbands don’t feel awkward to buy a sanitary pad, women buy it without any hesitation, youngsters discuss about it. Because they have finally realized that it is all about hygiene, the most important and essential part which was ignored until now.

2018 seems to be a turning point for menstrual hygiene in India. The yearlong campaign demanding women hygiene products to be tax free was successful after GST on sanitary pads was abolished. In a male dominated society like India people from many sections came forward and supported this movement. The movie Padman was well appreciated by men and women, with this intimate hygiene came into limelight. Supreme courts verdict that women of any ages be allowed in Sabarimala temple received a mixed response. A political party announced free distribution of sanitary pads in their party agenda. These and more such instanceshave proved that 2018 indeed proved to be a revolutionary year for women hygiene. People started discussing about it openly. The barrier has started to disappear.

The fact that feminine hygiene must be given equal importance as other hygiene is finally been accepted. Now is the time to take care of your hygiene, now is the time to pay attention…. The society is finally supporting this fact so let’s make sure we do it as well.


Nillory panty liners a product by Rama Life Science is one such effort to make your intimate hygiene effortless. When analyzing the market for RLS, distribution of the product, often we come across male distributors but there is not a moment of awkwardness. In fact, they openly talk about our product they give their feedback. So far, we are getting lot of positive feedbacks. All these positive changes the way intimate hygiene is looked upon is very welcoming and satisfying to see.

Each time a woman stands for herself, she stands up for all women. Stand up for yourself Stand up for Hygiene…… We spend on so many things like makeup, clothes, shopping then why not spend on our intimate hygiene? It is time to give it a thought.

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