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Nillory Panty liners

Nillory Panty liners: Why it is important to keep your intimate area sanitized?

Our mental and physical health are somehow been influenced by eventful, tiring hectic schedule, where we get no time to relax, pay attention to our well-being, majorly our personal hygiene. With women, dryness in private area is the greatest concern after the menstrual cycle ends. Moreover, female’s genitals have the highest chance of being infected during menstruation cycle, pregnancy and also regular days. If not kept clean, genital areas can likely be exposed to nasty odors and bacteriological infections that cause boils and rashes.

Women go through least 20 days of vaginal secretion such as ovulation, white discharge or other vaginal activities during a month, which many times leave the area around the intimate part with sogginess and can cause fungal infection due to dampness. Thus, panty liners play a chief role in absorbing the secretion and also avoid bacterial and fungal infection in private part.

With the puzzling balance between work and personal care, it also becomes challenging to recall your period’s date, it happens often! Do you get time to note down, keep records or doing follow-ups? So applying liners when you’re in doubt with your dates is the best and the right decision. Also, during last days of periods when there is nominal spotting, panty liners work without any feel of awkwardness.

Keep your intimate area dry, clean and healthy!

Sometimes, heavy vaginal discharge during regular days gets us exhausted and annoyed .Wiping with tissues; cloth or rubbing it leads to rashes and scars, sometimes even washing never helps but increases irritation. Panty liners aid you with the everyday vaginal release, reduces irritation and anxiety. Using liners on a daily basis keeps an intimate area clean, gives the fresh feel. Panty liners even when used for a long time, doesn’t give the sense of wetness, hence, provides full relaxation.

Nillory panty liners by Rama life science are extremely soft, comfy, and miniature form of sanitary napkins and are 100% biodegradable. It is an eco-friendly product gets decomposed after 180 days and is totally sustainable with zero harmful effects. Nillory panty liners are made up of the bamboo core, which has antibacterial properties and is skin friendly in nature. Even when used daily, Nillory pads prevents infection, keeps private part hygienic. In short words, Nillory panty liners basically act as a rescuer, much restful, hassle-free and easygoing.

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