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  1. Weekly pill organizer
  2. Capacity to carry four doses per day
  3. Easy to use
  4. Multipurpose and attractive
  5. Food grade
  1. Weekly pill organizer
  2. Can carry four doses per day
  3. Compact & portable
  4. Food grade
  5. User friendly
  1. Facility of personal pill reminder
  2. Five alarms and countdown system
  3. Compact & light weight
  4. User friendly & portable
  5. Food grade
  1. Miniature of sanitary napkin
  2. Meant for everyday use
  3. Keeps intimate area dry and clean
  4. Helps to reduce chances of infections of intimate area
  5. Made up of Bamboo core
  6. Eco friendly and 100% Biodegradable
  1. Absorbs sweat
  2. Freedom from sweat stains
  3. Reduces laundry cost
  4. Easy to wear
  5. Disposable
  6. Unisex product
  7. Aloevera fragrance

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