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Valentine’s Day Jara Hatke……..

14th Feb….Valentine’s Day…A day of Love, a perfect chance to celebrate love and happiness with your loved once.  Though in India Valentine’s day was strongly opposed by many political groups now the picture has changed. This day of love has become a worldwide celebration time for all the lovers out there. But these lovers now don’t have boundaries of age anymore. It is celebrated right from the young once to the older generation and why not? As they say Love has no age, no language…It is understood…it is felt. On this Valentine’s Day why not think something different? Why not do it in a “Hatke” way. Let us keep the theme of this “Hatke Valentine” as “Hygiene”.

  I am sure many of you know the importance of staying hygienic.  A hygienic body is always a healthy body.  So to keep your body and mind fresh and hygienic all day long consider these things you should try and do. Also this can be a very unique idea of gifting your Valentine something different.

Forget and forgive: Don’t keep reminding your valentine about the past mistakes. Try and forgive him/her. This will surely make your life happier.

Social Hygiene:Make sure that you put all the garbage in the dustbin. Keep your area clean.  Always keep in mind that the next generation is watching you they will imitate your actions. So let us keep our earth nice and clean.

Stay Hygienic: A valentine can be anyone whom we love. So why not our kids. Set a better example for your kids by doing simple things of maintaining personal hygiene, like brushing your teeth twice a day, keeping your under arm area clean and dry. For this you can always opt for sweat pads.

Spare some time for hygiene: Make sure that you give some time for your personal hygiene. This will gradually help you to stay healthy. And off course you can celebrate an amazing valentine with your loved once.

Encourage your kids to spend on personal hygiene: All the young generation gets a pocket money every month. It would be good idea to encourage them to spend this money on personal hygiene. For instance you can suggest your teenage girl to use panty liners which protect from many vaginal infections it will be such a soothing experience for her. For boys you can encourage them to use sweat pads for their underarms so that they can stay away from the harmful chemicals in deodorants.

Start including personal hygiene items in your monthly buying list: Make personal hygiene your routine. It is often noticed that women use sanitary pads during their menstrual cycle but neglect other 26 days. Apart from period days there are other kinds of discharge which gives a sticky sweaty feeling in the vaginal area. Panty liners can help to absorb this discharge and make your life more comfortable.

Care for your body: It is said that human is the most intelligent being on this earth. So be grateful for the fortunate life of humankind and take care of your body.

Hygienic product a unique option for gifting:While we always are in a dilemma when choosing a gift for our loved once let us think about gifting a unique hygienic kit to our valentine. Like a panty liner pack for women for those 26 days of the month or sweat pads used for under arm sweat management by both men and women.

So what are you waiting for grab you pack of panty liners and sweat pads this Valentine and make a difference.  

This Valentine Kuch Hatke Ho Jaye!





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